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Refurbished Sciaky AcuWeld 1000/5 - Reference # 11694
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Refurbished Sciaky Arc Welding Machine

Sciaky has a refurbished AcuWeld 1000/5 Advanced Arc Welder available in stock. Here are the machine specifications:

5 CNC Servo Controlled Axes with Wire Feed

  • X : 42" Travel
  • Y : 18" Travel
  • Z : 21" Travel
  • Part Tilt : - 5° / + 95°
  • Part Rotation : Infinite

Other Features Included:

  • Servo controlled Rotary-Tilt Positioner capable of handling parts up to 1000 lbs.
  • 350 Amp 100% Duty Cycle Modular Inverter Welding Power Supply configured with GTAW & PAW compatibility.
  • Equipped with latest W2000 Control upgrades and Windows based Man-Machine Interface (WMMI).
  • Supplied with a Portable Operators Pendant capable of controlling 9 Axes of motion and multiple wire feeders, axis speed, and incremental jogging with other display functions.

Contact Sciaky for pricing, additional options & product information.

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