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Upgrade or Retrofit Your EB Welding System

Maximize Productivity & Reduce Downtime

Is outdated or broken welding equipment hurting your company’s productivity? If so, let Sciaky improve the performance, accuracy and life expectancy of your Sciaky EB Welding System.

As the OEM, Sciaky provides spare parts/accessories, retrofit packages and upgrades to modernize and extend the life of your Sciaky EB welding system. Retrofits and upgrades are cost effective, increase productivity, improve equipment reliability, and minimize future maintenance costs. Let the experts at Sciaky extend the working life of your welding system.

Five Reasons to Choose Sciaky for Your EB System Upgrade or Retrofit:

    1. Sciaky is the OEM and can restore your system to maximum efficiency.
    2. Sciaky has developed modern controls and data acquisition units that integrate seamlessly with your existing Sciaky equipment.
    3. Sciaky understands the performance demands required of your equipment and has engineered vacuum system enhancements to reduce energy consumption and pump-down time up to 50%.
    4. Allowing Sciaky to upgrade your equipment reduces a reliance on obsolete and outdated spare parts.
    5. A new machine purchase can be costly. Sciaky repairs, retrofits and upgrades minimize capital expenditures.

Sciaky makes retrofitting to your old system easy. Our Customer Service technicians can work with you to customize a package to meet your needs. Choose from:

  • WMMI upgrade to WIN 7 Operating System
  • Main Process Board Upgrade
  • Cryogenic Vacuum Enhancement
  • High-resolution Welding Optics
  • System Controls Upgrade—vacuum system controls and motion controls
  • High-voltage Power Supply Replacement
  • Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) Upgrade

Add Sciaky’s EBAM Technology to Your Sciaky EB Welding System

We now offer Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) upgrades for Sciaky EB welding systems. EBAM upgrades are customized to meet your specific requirements. Sciaky also provides in-depth training and support so that your staff can become EBAM experts, too.

How does Sciaky’s EBAM process work?

Starting with a 3D model from a CAD program, Sciaky's fully-articulated, moving electron beam gun deposits metal, via wire feedstock, layer by layer, until the part is built and ready for finish machining.

Deposition rates typically range from 7 to 20 lbs./hr., depending upon part geometry and the material selected.

What are some of the benefits of Sciaky's EBAM technology?

  • It drastically reduces your material costs
  • It dramatically shortens your lead times
  • It slashes machining time by as much as 80%
  • It saves money over costly forgings
  • It eliminates wait time for dies, molds and expensive billets

Call Sciaky today at 1+877-450-2518 to tailor a retrofit or upgrade package for your system that will deliver the performance and reliability you need.

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Sciaky is based in Chicago, IL, USA. Its welding systems and EBAM® industrial 3d printing machines are distributed internationally and found in manufacturing plants and advanced research and development facilities around the world. Contact a sales rep in your area by clicking here.

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